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Masdar Consultancy

Masdar Consultancy Serbia is a financial advisory firm operating in Serbia and Western Balkans.

Recognizing the need of our customers to improve its financial performance through agile financial management, fruitful strategic partnerships, and proper financing structure, Masdar Consultancy Serbia uses its own expertise and a global network of supporting experts to tailor made solution for each and every SME in the Western Balkans.

Key values of our company and qualities of our services are:

- Result oriented
- Our expertise
- Quality guaranteed

We are going an extra mile for our Clients to provide top end of the range services. Even more so, we are focused on walking the final mile on the road to success for our Clients, and this is what counts

About Masdar Consulting


Masdar Consultancy, SRB

Financial consulting

Support for the critical moments that define your business’ success

Throughout the course of your business life, you will face defining events that shape the future of your organization and drive its future value. You may be seeking to close an M&A transaction, conduct a forensic investigation, restructure your business or even finance a major investment. Our team of financial advisory experts is well-versed in the financial challenges you will face and will work closely with you to provide tailored, practical, and technical advice to guide you through these critical moments.

Our approach

The scope of our services is broad and varied, but our approach is always centered around three core themes:

We are relentlessly focused on helping you and your business maximize value and achieve your ambitions and objectives.

We take the time to understand your organization and the situation you are in to ensure our approach is personal, pragmatic and productive.

We provide practical advice to help you make key business decisions with clarity and confidence.

Doing this requires teams with vast experience and deep expertise. We mobilize teams of multi-disciplinary experts from the Region and from abroad in an efficient manner to ensure you have the best team advising you regardless of where you or your project, is based.

We offer a wide range of financial advisory services to help you meet your objectives. Our offerings have been designed around you and your business’ major lifecycle events - from deals to financing needs to crisis.

Managament consulting

Achieve outstanding results for your business

In today’s competitive climate, businesses need to empower their talent to be the best they can be. To be able to perform for the long-term, organizational behaviors and processes must be effective in all economic climates. Our specialists consult across all areas of concern, from organizational design to business function strategy and over to cash flow optimization in order to enhance your business so that it operates at its best.

Our approach

Fine-tuning a business requires a fundamental understanding of how it operates. Processes must be well understood and optimized, cash flow is critical and technology must be fit for purpose. We believe this can only be achieved by assembling a dedicated team based around a company’s needs, operating environment and culture.

By working as an extension to your existing workforce, our management consulting team uses its experience and knowledge to spot the areas where your business can be reinvigorated and enhanced. We want our clients to know exactly where improvements are possible and be clear on the opportunities available.

We do not speak in riddles. We tell it like it is, and seek solutions to complete tasks and achieve targets with you and your team. Our performance improvement specialists aim to eliminate organizational weaknesses and enhance your company’s strengths so it is in the best shape it can be.

Accounting and payroll

In a business environment that is constantly evolving, accessing a resource that complements your finance and accounting team is critical.
You may be downsizing, expanding into a new jurisdiction or going through a restructure.
Whatever your needs, we offer an outsourced accounting function that complements or even replaces most of your existing team.
Payroll legislation is a highly complex area. With rules and policies so often in flux, processing payroll in-house is often costly and inefficient.
Our specialist team offers a flexible way of managing your HR and payroll requirements.

Tax advice

Insight and innovation to guide you through today’s evolving global tax landscape

Today’s tax systems pose significant challenges for business and individuals. The complexities of domestic and international rules mean organisations and individuals need clear, informed, and considered guidance. Working closely with you, we build transparent, integrated tax-efficient solutions that give you confidence, and help you excel in a sustainable way.

Our approach

We work with you to provide tax solutions that help you achieve your strategic objectives. By acting as one agile, integrated and collaborative team, across sectors, services and geographies, our clients benefit from both our local roots and the global perspective that comes from being part of an international firm.

Our professionals have deep experience in all areas of tax, providing businesses at all stages of their life cycle with specialist advice, ranging from corporate and employment tax, to transfer pricing and corporate structuring, to national and international transactions, to ensuring tax compliance when setting up new operations overseas.

For our private clients, we provide the detailed understanding you need to make effective long-term financial decisions regarding your tax planning, and work with you on all aspects of implementation.

We pride ourselves on our strong client relationships. As your partner, we take the time to understand your needs, and tailor our services accordingly.